After 18 years of working in media I have contributed to several campaigns isolating the needs of large companies to individual artists harnessing their mission in material that tells a story. I have established partnerships, created visual media, edited concise stories, helped with brand awareness, worked with social media, brought content to live spaces and written and spoken with relevant members of each campaign in connection with the larger audience.

I have worked with non-profits, foundations, artists, small businesses, corporations, athletes, speakers, entrepreneurs and a variety of people in all sectors of life. Our material has been seen in galleries, on tv, in theaters, during private fundraisers, at employee meetings, for private raises, for personal promotions, on amazon, across all social media and the list continues to grow. I have been heavily involved with the development of materials and production.

I like to bring a sense of responsibility to the work to ensure goals are met, but also like to have a friendly working experience. I am committed, loyal and mature and have a plethora of world experience combined with awareness from spiritual and conscientious studies, and utilize that to distill campaigns and take an intelligent approach to all projects undertaken.