With Sunny we worked on creating a sexy campaign that would sell her fashion line made from Himalayan Nettles. Sunny had put together her team with an objective of selling her clothing line. With the photographer, model and my video and edit we were able to create three videos to distribute across multiple channels. We kept the videos short highlighting the softness of the fabric, the social mission of helping a community in Nepal and the different styles of the clothing. Sunny was eventually able to sell her line and move forward and onto her next project.

With Artist Jeremy Corbell we collaborated to create an event that brought women together and documented their statements on what it means to be a powerful woman. Coverage included galleries, private events, photo shows and in-the-field with Jeremy. Jeremy had gathered a group of intelligent women who are diverse and beautiful. He had a mission to highlight how women mask their true selves and hide. Sunglasses became the symbol for women masking themselves and we focused on the glass as part of the video. I then conducted interviews with the women to get insight into their thoughts on how women often hide their intelligence, bodies and/or their emotions in order to be accepted by society. The women shared brilliant thoughts and shared their stories. For example, one woman shared how being and engineer and also being a model was a difficult to overcome in many people’s stereotypes of beauty and intelligence. The project spanned over five months and ultimately led to Jeremy having several shows and featuring the work both online and in public.

Through a mutual Producer many of us collaborated to gather footage of people coming together to discuss ways to work on financial health. The 99% Spring Campaign was one of these movements. I participated as a DP and as an Editor. I gathered footage in-the-field and then collected the footage of many DP’s and with the Director created a video that was in support of the nationwide campaign and movement 99% that supported people suffering from the housing crash and sought to educate people on action they could take to help themselves out of the recession.

Moe and I worked together to compile his footage from many concerts and create an overall message for his mission of peace and bringing eastern and western concepts together. He used this for promotions and for future bookings as well as funding. Moe and I had found ourselves crossing paths and we decided to collaborate to spread his message of how his Middle Eastern heritage is not threatening and he became an ambassador for the willingness to share his culture and music while also blending with Western culture and music. He wanted to dispel the myth that all Arabs from the Middle East (he is from Tunisia) are terrorists. He felt empowered by this message as he felt that post 911 society in the US had become increasingly fearful of him. So he went on a tour across the US and we put together a short video that worked at focusing his mission and sharing his message of peace.

Khadevis and worked together to make a promotional video for his private clients online. He was creating an online school for international clients and needed material for their viewing. He also used this as promotional material for his teaching. As an Olympic athlete Khadevis had special training methods that helped him to keep in shape. He also was teaching this locally and wanted to show his methods for being in peak performance as well as show how he was at teaching a class. Khadevis was hired by a University after this as well as he was able to use the video on his personal site for his clients around the world to show different steps and methods he wanted his students to learn.

With HOPE Artists we traveled to Kenya and Rwanda to work with local artists and teachers in sharing knowledge about media and campaigns. This is a special we worked on for a girls school where the girls wrote letters to their presidents for peace. I worked directly with the Founders of HOPE to help them in their branding and creation of their non-profit segment of their campaign in working with artists internationally to spread messages of peace and how artist collaboration can ultimately change communities. We gathered over 200 hours of footage on projects: screen printing in Rwanda with genocide orphans; teaching journalism methods to students who were covering stories on challenges in their community relating to disease, violence and limited information; newspaper and education through media throughout Kenya and into communities who sorely needed information on women’s rights, animal rights, education rights, hygiene, etc.; an arts school in a slum where kids needed entertainment and to learn how to share their talent as well as recruit youth into a healthy and active lifestyle that is fun; with the Kiseryan girls school we worked on their writing skills and also asked them to write letters to their president asking for peace following a violent outbreak between tribes; and then we also followed the training of young leaders in journalism in Nairobi who were tasked with implementing education into the future. I captured footage, conducted interviews, edited footage, helped to attract the grant for funding and facilitated relations in-the-field. And used much of this footage for her campaign back in the states and was able to grow her company and create future projects in other countries.

With Emcore we captured the entire facilities and created materials for their internal use as well as in their international work. Encore approached me to create a visual summary of the people who work at Emcore. This was an internal self=promotion after Emcore had had a shooting at their facilities. Executives wanted to increase the morale of the employees and felt that filming their private facilities and showing the importance of the work the people are doing would be beneficial. While much of the footage is not cleared for security reasons, this is a short sample of some of the footage shown. I brought in a second camera, worked with the Executives to understand what they wanted and they also were able to use the footage for sales and meetings. The response of the employees was very positive and the entire project took six months to complete.

The video for Debbie Allen’s Dance Class is a short highlight of a full week of filming covering Debbie’s entire studio as well as Tap FEST she hosts every year with several professionals and students participating from all over the country. This film offers a little snippet of her artist in residence program as well shows her teaching her jazz class. The project was funded by The Annenberg Foundation and became part of a collection of work I had done with them over three years. This was part of the inception of explore, Charles Annenberg’s video website that highlights The Foundations philanthropic funding as well as Charles’s personal mission to show nature and communities around the world. I was part of many projects with Charles over the years and found myself in research and development, filming, editing and brainstorming new ideas.