(Video Above) Brief Sample of Clients

SKILLS: Content Production Digital Media (short & long), Research & Development, Editing, Story Development, Cameras, Directing, Producing, Leadership, Interviews, Organization, Field Producing, Communications


Chapeau Rouge * A week travel adventure for a Great Grandmother’s final wish to travel to Paris converted in to a feature length film.Story Development, Editing.

Perfect Form * A High-Level Southern California Soccer Club training children structure in steps associated with soccer from a young age.  Online school. Shooting, Editing, Directing.

ARTLA * Edits and shoots for online program telling the business of art and how to survive and make money. Online School.

BAR STARS * A reality tv pilot based on a bartending school in Los Angeles.DP, Associate Producer, Editor.

Social Business Conference * Edits for online videos detailing social business, Muhammad Yunus  and entrepreneurship in Oregon and South Carolina.

Space Monkey * Edits for motivational speaker and athlete.

Academic Innovations Career Choices Conference* An academic conference that supports Principles and Teachers, from across the nation, discover ways to keep high school freshman in school and with a clear focus and idea of the cost of living and the career path they want to choose from an early age.  Online Video.

99% Spring National Action Campaign * A campaign that mobilizes people who have lost their homes and jobs during the recession and gives them tools to discover ways to get out of financial debt and find new work. video & edit.

Laurie March home design HGTV * A home refurbishing HGTV project- a woman and her tools renovating homes across Los Angeles. edit.

“Arab Spring” feature doc fundraiser * MC RAI and Director Miriam Abu Shark fundraising video and edit.  Video. Producer.

100 Women in Hedgefunds * Multiple panel discussion shoots for a group of women who gather to discuss ways of investing their money. video & edit.

Loree Bischoff “Common Sense Happiness” book release * A book release video with Cloud Nine Marketing for a woman who dedicated many hours to writing simply and beautifully, “how to be happy” and steps to take to get there. video & edit.

Jevon McGlory and Phil Bailey interviews * Jevon McGlory, singer songwriter interviews his Uncle Phil Bailey from Earth, Wind andFire. video & edit.

1GYM Dance Studio Performance * A light and beautiful children’s dance performance of 30 performances by hundreds of young children in Los Angeles.  video & edit.

ANCIENT SKIES A Full Dome project for planetariums across the world shot on location around the world. UPMand 1stADworking with two time-lapse photographers during the evenings in to the night for full moon shoots around Los Angeles.   Release for 3-D dome installations across the world.

Emcore Solar Photovoltaics *Producedand operated A camera in a two-camera shoot covering their 75 million dollar facilities building solar panels for satellites.  

Off the Mat, Into the World Yoga teachers Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling are using yoga to inspire grassroots change in communities local and internationally.  Producer Paul Eckstein directed me to conduct interviewswith class participants and also to documentthe direct action in low income and high crime rate areas where programs are being implemented to provide alternatives to jail and gangs.  Doc project.

Cargo Sheep Celebrity Eco-clothing line interviews * A Beverly Hills fashion shoot with rising actresses wearing sustainable clothing and discussing eco-clothing and what it means to know what you wear. interviews & video.  

Tony Khalife & Friends “My Rumi Valentine * Lebanese musical artist Tony Khalife put together a magical evening of dancers, poetry, musicians, and yogis all gathering to celebrate love and life on Valentines Day in the name of Rumi.  video & edit.  

Shari Rezai Dang Show Zipper Auditorium Los Angeles Concert * Multi-camera shoot and edit at the prestigious Zipper Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles with Iranian producer Shari Rezai and band “Dang Show”. produce,video & edit.

Olympic Star Athlete Khadevis Robinson * Core Workout at Santa Monica Track and Field with clients.  Produce. Edit. DP. editedinternational clients online password protected piece. 

Sri Sri Sri Spankneeshji Speaker Kute Blackson * Kute Blackson, a long time motivational speaker and transformational healer makes a spoof viral experimental video that is comedic and a hilarious poke at the often exaggerated world of “healers”.  produce, video.

Les Brown Powerful Speaking * Leader in Powerful Speaking, Les Brown, addresses the “how to” BE a powerful speaker to an auditorium full of professionals as students willing to learn. Video.

"Discover The Gift" feature doc * Director Demian Lichtenstein asked me to cover the Behind The Scenes of the post-production of his feature documentary “Discover The Gift” covering notable speakers in Los Angeles and Hawaii.  BTSvideo.

The J.A.R. feature film trailer * Director J.J.Azan hired me to edit together his very funny television show and trailer pitch for studios in Los Angeles.  trailer edit.

Bea Ammidown Yogability Foundation * Producer Paul Eckstein brought me footage of Bea’s teaching the elderly yoga showing what is “Yogability Foundation” in her backyard. Edit.

Gary Palmer Paintings Interview * A Hollywood Publicist came to Venice to interview long time friend Gary Palmer about his street art and his international theme in his canvas paintings.  Video.

Savage Designs featuring Himalayan Women and Children and Miss Denmark * Sunny Savage spent years of her life discovering fabrics that are made from natural fibers and also benefiting indigenous communities creating a fashion line centered on healthy and conscious apparel. video & edit.

AGAPE PBS Special * Ambika Leigh brought me on board to cover all the Behind The Scenes of the PBS Special of Michael Beckwith and Rickie B.B. with her choir at the Nokia Theater downtown Los Angeles.  BTSvideo & edit.

Integrating Art & Architecture Debra Berger * Debra Berger gathered her portfolio of clients and work in Spain and Beverly Hills and we made a montage for her upcoming clients.photo montage.

Peter Schick Foundation HIV Research * Peter Schick hired me to document and edit together pieces describing specifically his AFA-HIV trials that he got cleared by the FDA for test trials utilizing Blue-Green Algae to promote stem cell release and reduce viral loads.  video & edit.

Topanga Earth Day * Brought on board by Yogini Rainbeu Mars, I documented Topanga Earth Days and the multitude of musicians, speakers, demonstrations, participants and then delivered to Event Producer Stephanie Lallouz. Video.

Amazing Women International * A leadership training program that helps women see their potential in business and get there. Video.

Richard Horowitz, Sussan Deyhim, Ginger Shankar, and Chebi Sabbah Concerts * Concert footage for virtuoso musicians of an A-list caliber. Video.

Angel Builders & UNIFEM Fundraiser * Shorty Brown and Gretchenwere fundraising for a campaign in conjunction with UNIFEM that supported getting much needed supplies for women and girls in rural communities in Africa. I documented their fundraisers with A-List musicians and comedians in Hollywood. video & edit.

Joselyn Wilkinson CD Release Party * Joselyn’s peacecelebrating album at a community gathering of supportive individuals.video & edit.

“Moe” MCRAI Musician * Musician MC RAI was on his way to Morrocco and Europe to launch his new work in spreading peace in the Middle East by mixing Tunisian and Western music and discussing his tour and music roots and Western influence. EPK.

HOPE ArtistsCo-Producer and DP on missions to work with genocide victims in Rwanda, a school for girls in Kigali, Kenya, an inner city arts development program that traveled to slums to provide healthy options for entertainment, and an educational newspaper Jacaranda Designs that tours by bus teaching school children about environment, peace, health, HIV, etc. Interviewswith girls on the projects, worked with the team, teachers, administrators and leaders to gather many hours of footagefrom the projects. Produce, video, edit, interviews.

Ghanian Rocky Dawuni’s“Instant Karma” Darfur *Rocky’s rendition of “Well, Well, Well” by John Lennon for the RED Campaign head by Yoko Ono to promote and raise money for ending the genocide in Darfur.  video & edit.

Peace in the Middle East Levantine Center * Several concerts and literary panel discussions for this reputable and large Middle Eastern Cultural Center in Los Angeles. video & edit.

Relief International, Stop Genocide Now  “Songs for Darfur”  * Karine Tchakerian and her father hired me to cover her event raising awareness about the genocide in Darfur with survivors, musicians, speakers and educational tents.  video & edit.

Explore of The Annenberg Foundation  With Charles Annenbergwe wereworking in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana documenting Ababech Gobena Orphanage, Rita Marley School, African Wildlife Foundation, Children’s Christian Storehouse and the Tesfa Foundation. I also worked on projects for Vancouver Marine Science Center in Canada and Habitat for Humanity New Orleans as well as Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles. I was the leadvideographeraudio and research and developmenton these projects. 

Open Door Orchestra at The Skirball and Malibu * Shannon Michael Terryand friends perform at the Skirball and then takes it to an art themein a Malibu tank. video.

Artist Jeremy Corbell Jeremy was engaging in a look at women, fashion, art and human rights. In this case there were many intelligent women brought in to discuss their take on women in power and what beauty truly is. The theme: women wearing sunglasses and the beauty that is either masked or seen. Documentation, Interviews, Edit.  

NFL Football Player Russel Sander’s Herbal Healings * Artist Lee Jaffe brought me on board to capture former NFL football player Russel Sanders discussing his personal life story and how he came to develop his healing remedies and the healing that has occurred in his patients.  produce, video.

CURRENT TV- "Braille Graffiti" * Martinique Paratore at Current TV brought me on board to cover artist Scott Wayne Indiana and his unique approach to art for the blind in Portland, Oregon. produce, video & edit.

Oceano Couture Emma Bogren * Producer Suzanne Bohnet brought me to thisart, music and fashion campaign of Swedish designers the Bogren sisters.video & edit. 

Musician Lauren Monroe * Musician and Raven Drum Foundation Founder photo shoot.  video & edit.

Klamath Dances * Tribal dance footage of Klamath Basin. video & edit.

Death and Dying * Mt. Shasta vortex of healing powers and interview with a Hospice worker and his son. video & edit.